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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Saturday round up, could it get any worse ?

Saturday was spent at Elgin City. Recently on an up-turn playing a good Cowdenbeath team threatening automatic promotion. The pre-match talk was all about seeing a good game of football, and the 677 people who showed up all hoped it would be. But the majority of the biggest crowd of the season would be disappointed as the Blue Brazil ran out 4:0 winners.

Of course, if I'm in Elgin, I'm not in Nottingham, which means the transfer of my season ticket to my mate. "It's only Swindon, that won't be a good game."; I said to myself trying to justify not attending a Forest home game. Like a good friend, he texted me every time Forest scored. EVERY TIME. Final score; Forest 7:1 Swindon, our biggest home victory since we beat Chelsea 7:0 in 1991. Chelsea, whatever happened to them, eh ?

Still, with the disappointment of choosing the wrong city to be in on a Saturday afternoon, at least I had the satisfaction of knowing I'd chosen the right country to be born in, as the rugby started early Saturday evening. In the Red Lion, Fochabers, Scotland, with my Nottingham rugby shirt cheering on the team in white.

It's a sad fact of life that the Scots will try harder to beat the English than anybody else. If the Scottish football team were drawn in a World Cup group with England, they might get through, but against anybody else, they're just not that interested. Needless to say, my luck did not continue as the Scottish rugby team defended like men possessed, turning over England at every turn.

I'm not overly concerned at losing to the Scots, they're pleasant enough about it, more people than I can remember knowing coming over to shake my hand. Bastards.

Predictably, they then start singing Flower of Scotland, a song celebrating a Scottish victory over "King Edwards Army" nigh on 700 years ago.

And they have the cheek to moan about us celebrating the 1966 World Cup!

Wait until we win it this year!


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