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Friday, September 14, 2007

TFI Friday

Oasis vs. Blur, EURO 96, Ben Sherman shirts & Alco pops, all intrinsically linked to the decade that was the nineties. For most of that time, one broadcaster seemed to have the monopoly on entertaining the nation, Chris Evans. Before simultaneously throwing his toys out of the pram and p***ing on his very expensive chips, Chris Evans could be found being sucked up to on Radio 1 every morning, and sucking up to celebrities, pop stars and future partners on his flag-ship TV program, TFI Friday.

TFI's format looks sadly dated now, but there's no denying that in the days of only four channels, TFI was MUST-SEE television. If you didn't watch TFI Friday before the regular Friday night bat round town, there was going to be big conversation you would be taking no part in, no fat-look-a-likes, no freak-or-unique and no discussion about whichever Britpop band had performed.

Which leads me to this.

I distinctly remember the notorious Black Grape performance of Pretty Vacant, but have only ever seen it the once.

Until now, god bless YouTube.

Because of Shaun Ryder's repetitive use of the 'F' word on what was then a live TV show, he is still banned from any live Channel 4 program, despite the large number of times Chris Evans says "sorry" after the songs conclusion.



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