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Thursday, August 17, 2006

For the love of god, no more, please

Good news this week, Big Brother is coming to an end. "Who wins, you decide". Please, you decide, because personally, I couldn't give a s**t.

Then, without a break, without so much as a Saturday night off from nobodies with no ability, talent or dress-sense, we have to suffer the start of ITV's X-Factor.

Did I miss last year, or haven't we already established the 'best' unsigned singer / group in the country? Is the rate of immigration now so great that we have to decide again less than 12 months later? Or was last years 'winner' actually not a big enough talent to be around less than a year after being the next best thing?

Nobody after nobody after nobody, all with the idea that they ARE good enough, they ARE talented enough and they DO have that little eXtra.

No, no and no you don't, you sad delusional wanabee numpty.

If you WERE good enough, if you WERE talented enough and if you actually DID have that little something eXtra, you would ALREADY be in the career you so desperately crave.

But you AREN'T good enough, you certainly AREN'T talented enough and you have nothing eXtra that separates you from the rest.

Now, get off my television and get back to work.

If you really, really, really want a star next to your name, persuade your current manager to let you cook fries once in a while.


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