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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Forest 2:3 Leicester

The same drive to the game, the same seats as three weeks ago and the same large numbers of away fans.

Déjà vu kicking in.

It's just a shame that the football wasn't to the similar standard of the previous Leicester game. We looked comfortable in front only to throw it away with two soft goals at the end.

Déjà vu kicking in even more.

The game started off in bizarre fashion, with Paul Smith being allowed to dribble the ball unchallenged to score within seconds. This was either down to a fantastic sporting gesture by the Leicester players, or Gary Megson's unique style of management already rubbing off.

Paul Smith was at fault (IMHO) for the Leicester equaliser, swapping his wall over for a direct free-kick only to move the wrong way when it was taken, but he did make a couple of really good saves. Again.

But even so, when Nathan Tyson made it 2:1 in the second half, it was no more than our pressure deserved, and we looked comfortable.

Cue Mr Calderwood and his dodgy substitutions. Now I feel a bit for Mr C on this one, he's been accused of negativity in the past, taking off attacking players for defenders in the Yeovil debacle, so to swap Lennon for Perch and Tyson for Holt does smack of having learnt that lesson, but it was as a direct result of these substitutions that the remaining players decided to engage clueless chicken mode and back off anything in a blue shirt.

Two late and quick goals for Leicester gave them their first win at the home of football since the invention of colour television.



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