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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

10 years, not long enough

It's been a while since the Tories were in power, but just in case you've forgotten what a bunch of "help their rich mates, f**k the less well off" bunch of tossers they really are, here's an example of their policy on inheritance tax. I for one am so glad they'll introduce this, what with inheritance tax being one of the major worries of your average working class family.

In an attempt to steal the racist UKIP voters, a promise of a referendum on the EU charter.

Malcolm Rifkind demonstrates the kind of short-term memory loss that leads his colleagues into the arms of prostitutes only to forget all about them moments later. "... governments with a working majority in the House of Commons should serve a full term." clearly forgetting the short term Tory government of 79 - 83.

And 83 - 87.

And you can't beat the Tories for hypocrisy. Gordon Brown's trip to Iraq to discuss troop withdrawal is a "cynical stunt", according to Liam "who" Fox.

Thatcher in a tank, anyone ?


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