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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First Top of the Pops, and now this ? No, surely not

From the BBC

BBC to shut gates on Grange Hill

The BBC is axing children's TV school drama Grange Hill after 30 years.

CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist said: "The lives of children have changed a great deal since Grange Hill began and we owe it to them to reflect this."

The series began on 8 February 1978 and featured some tough storylines about social issues including drugs and teenage pregnancy over the years.

No more trying to get to France by hiding on the school trip bus without a passport, no more friends fighting over drugs and no more mis-pronunciations of the name 'Roland'.

Thankfully, no more chances for Justin Lee Collins to reunite the cast of said program, including the 'wacky' allegations of taking drugs in the White House while on a 'Just Say No' anti-drugs mission (you crazy guys) and no more hope at hearing the following theme music only to find f***ing 'Give us a Clue' on instead.


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