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Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm getting a bit fed up now

From the official Forest website:

Nottingham Forest manager Colin Calderwood (pictured right) has hinted he is prepared to deploy three central defenders again.

Whether or not you think this is a good idea or not (and for the record, I think it's a f***ing stupid idea), why is our manager publicly revealing possible tactical changes to the opposition before the game ?

That's the beauty of the Internet, Calderwood you a**e, EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE F***ING WORLD CAN READ IT. Do you not think people in East London have computers ?

I think this is about the only issue at the moment that gets me so wound up to the point of profanity. My mum always said it was neither big nor clever to swear, but then I'm 6'5" and program computers for a living, so that's b******s for a start. She then goes on to say that it's the sign of a limited vocabulary. I disagree. If I can use words like b******s, a**e, f**k & w****r, then that's four more words than she can use, surely the sign of an extended vocabulary.

So, Colin 'the clown' Calderwood has got me to the point of wearing out my '*' key with his inability to learn from his mistakes, his insistence on repeating the same mistakes over & over & over again, and the way he publicises to the opposition which mistakes he's planning on making this weekend.

He really is a clown.


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