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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Forest 0:1 Carlisle

Monday night football meant a quick wash & change and a traffic beating rush down to The Boat Club saw us at the bar before 6.


Unfortunately, that was going to be the last bonus of the evening.

Again, Forest decided to use the opportunity given to them from SKY to finally show the world what they were capable of, by instead, reminding the world what a bunch of spineless, gutless losers they are and have been for years.

Plenty of reports elsewhere, so I won't bore you with how Carlisle started brightly in both halves, only for Forest to come into the ascendancy with clueless & slow "attacking" football. A goal-keeping error from the usually very good Paul Smith cost us a point, but that was all we were going to get all night, once again a mediocre club figuring out that all you need to do is put ten men behind the ball and we're f***ed. Calderwood really doesn't have a clue how to break down a stubborn defence.

Carlisle get a first minute corner, Junior Agogo waits on the edge of the centre circle before being waved back to defend by Calderwood the Clown. Eleven men behind the ball, at home, first minute of a must win promotion battle. Bugger me.

While I firmly blame Calderwood (pictured, right)for our current position of 4th, 5 points off a top two place, there were certain player aspects of last night's game that warrant further investigation.

Paul Smith was completely at fault for the goal, but let's face it, he's saved us more than his fair share of points this season, so surely he can be let off one mistake. But, if you look at his evening as a whole, the goal was an accident just waiting to happen. The first minute corner conceded by Perch should have been met by his keeper patting his back, lifting him up. Nothing. His distribution was thankfully short most of the time, but with his feet, jeez, aimless doesn't cover it. Even in the pre-match huddle, he looked far from interested. There's something else going on there.

James Perch isn't a right back, and never will be. And you can't get forward as a full back playing a 4-3-3 formation, Calderwood you clown.

Why bring on a young lad with absolutely no league experience at all, out of position, with less than ten minutes to go, when we're a goal down ? Because we've got no experienced strikers on the bench, that's why. And why haven't we got any decent strikers on the bench ? Because Calderwood the Clown didn't buy / loan one in the January transfer window, despite making exactly the same f***ing mistake last season.

Junior Agogo has come back from the African Cup of Nations obviously thinking he's better than he is. Don't get me wrong, he runs his proverbials off every game, so fair play, but he's already at the peak of his career so he should just be happy where he is, enjoy the sun on his back at international level and rejoice in his chosen career. Premier League, don't make me laugh. If anyone offers the £2.5m bandied around in the papers, snap their arms AND legs off.

Grant Holt also thinks he's better than he is, it's just that Grant Holt thinks he's s**t. And he's wrong. He's worse. He shouldn't be wearing a Forest shirt at all. In a striker crisis, by all means play him. Up front. Why do we have possibly the best left winger outside the Premiership playing up front, with a fat, useless cart-horse out wide ? Why do we then have a winger who ripped us to shreds in front of live TV cameras as recently as May sitting on the bench ? What kind of message does that give him ?

Chris Cohen bottling out of a tackle in the left back position allowing the Carlisle right back a free-run into the box. Poor.

Kris Commons deciding about half an hour too late to chase a ball heading out for a throw-in, a ball Douglas Bader would have kept in.

Some of the players clearly couldn't give a shit, and while a couple of them need dropping to show them their not exactly indispensable, a few need lifting up to be able to play the way we all know they're capable, or simply by being put on the pitch in the first place and in their best positions.

They'll go out on Saturday and fluke an uninspiring 1-0 win against an equally slow Crewe side, but all that will do is paper over the very thick cracks appearing in our season, cracks that will eventually bring the house down in front of more SKY cameras in early May.



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