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Friday, April 11, 2008

Possible Oscar nomination ?

While waiting for my flight back from Belfast last Sunday, I got lent a copy of the News of the World.

I don't normally read said comic, but it was either that or the Sunday Express (Princess Diana's still dead) or the Mail on Sunday (Princess Diana's still dead and it's all the fault of the illegal immigrants).

The main story over the last few weeks has been the "Nazi Orgy" held by F1 boss Max Mosley. He of course denies this, to the horror of his family. Not that he did it in the first place, but that he actually DENIED it afterwards. His father would be spinning in his grave.

Last Sunday's paper had an interview with one of the, ahem, prostitutes involved in the alleged orgy.

During the interview, she confirmed that it had all been Max Mosley's idea stating that she had been;

only following orders

Which begs the following question:

How much did he have to pay them for them to stay in character for so long ?!!!!


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