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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feist - Royal Albert Hall - Wednesday May 21

Nice cheap rail tickets to the capital, to see Feist at the Royal Albert Hall.

A relaxing pint in the Carpenters Arms in King's Cross while we waited for the hotel to clear our room. In here we found the local CAMRA magazine, and therefore more of a clue as to where to get a decent pint.

I've already been to the Head of Steam (now, for some bizarre reason, the Doric Arch) in Euston, but as I'd never before managed to finish my pint in there on either of my previous two visits, it was with great pleasure that it was third time lucky.

The CAMRA magazine pointed us in the direction of the North London pub of the season (?) the Bree Louise, just off the Euston concourse, and it was here we spent most of the afternoon. To find a pub, especially in London, with proper barrels, well looked after decent beer and a wide choice of 'real ciders to boot, was well worth the day off itself.

Off to the Royal Albert Hall, and the first thing I learned was that it isn't round. Well bugger me. The second thing I learned was, that despite it being next to a huge college, there were no pubs within any decent walking distance. The Hoop & Toy in Kensington being the first one we stumbled upon.

The concert was fantastic, even from our vantage point in the "Cinderella balcony" at the top.

I'd already dismissed the Champions League final as null & void as it contained a team that hadn't won their league the season before, or this one for that matter, and were also playing the side that indeed had. What a pointless competition. I didn't know the result as we walked back to the tube, but it soon became apparent looking at the glum faces attached to the gleamingly new Chelsae shirts.

The tube was cramped and we seemed to have had a failed comedian driving the train. No-one was laughing in the King's Cross ticket hall as drunk & upset Chelsea fans looked for someone to take out their frustrations.

London, like Nottingham, isn't short of a restaurant at midnight, so a nice curry in the imaginatively (and very traditionally) named King's Cross Tandoori topped off the day.


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