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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Miserable b******s

From the Nottingham Evening Post:

Nottingham's big wheel forced into name change!

NOTTINGHAM'S giant wheel was today renamed after threats of legal action from owners of the London Eye.

The giant attraction will now be known as the Wheel of Nottingham.

Owner James Mellors jnr said they had received letters from London Eye solicitors saying their brand was trademarked.

They were warned if they didn't drop the "eye" part of the name by today, they could be sued. ……

What a load of s**t.

It’s not as if someone has pitched up on the opposite side of the Thames and has started trading as the Nottingham Eye in direct competition, is it ?

Can you see the Houses of Parliament from the Nottingham EYE ? No. Wembley ? No. That stupid building that looks like a vegetable ? No.

So what’s the problem ? Am I going to get a writ the next time I go to the opticians ? Best have a word with the company that makes those nice frozen peas I like so much before my freezer is surrounded by miserable b*****d solicitors. And the writer of the Bible had best be careful, “a wheel for a wheel” just doesn’t carry the same gravitas, does it ?

Merlin Entertainments Group, you miserable bunch of w*****s.

So, what to do…..

I’m due on the London Wheel soon, as a promised day out to one of my boys. I’ll still go, but I was going to spend £50 on two tickets, now it’ll just be the bare minimum £21. I’ll also make a point of telling everyone on there that the Nottingham EYE is better, both in terms of the view and the lack of southerners in the queue. British Airways, the sponsors of the London version, can whistle for my business in the future, I can stretch a grudge out for years, me. And I won’t be patronising any of the following either; Lego Land, Madame Tussauds, Alton Towers, Warwick Castle, Thorpe Park or Chessington World of Adventures.

Two can play at being petty, childish boggers.


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