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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plenty of notice

Looks like next week's going to be the start of good things.

Firstly is the new series of the moron filled Apprentice. Watching these numpties go through twelve weeks of "interviews" highlights the levels some people will go to get into a position to toady up someone else's a**e.

The first week they have to set up a cleaning business. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar. They'd be better off trying to build a cheap stereo where the buttons don't break after ten minutes, eh SrAlan.

One of the apprentice candidates has already "bottled it", in SrAlan's words, presumably through not having access to a television and understanding that the nature of the program meant living away from home for so long. With intelligence like that it would have hardly been for as long as he feared any way.

Followed swiftly by the genius that is Charlie Brooker with his new series, Newswipe (BBC FOUR, Wednesday March 25).

Looks like the Sky+ is going to take a battering.


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