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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Knuckle dragging mouth breathing retards

Now that the BNP has finally shown its true intellectual level “We’re not racist, the Ku Klux Klan think we’ve sold out”, where now for the knuckle-dragging-working-class-blame-the-world-for-their-own-inadequacy inadequates ?

Well, goose-step forward the EDL, the English Defence League, a coalition of differing groups from cities all over England, no, correction, Britain (duh !!) who want to defend our country from the spread of extremist Muslims and who have access to their parents computers after they go to bed.

These groups claim not to be racist, in the same way the fat bald drunk bloke in the pub isn’t really racist because he starts every sentence with the phrase “I’m not being racist, but …..”. And they’re not racist, oh no. They let black people join !!! D’oh !!!

To be fair, they’re not born of racist origins. They’re just wannabee football hooligans funded by Loyalist paramilitaries. So, hope that’s clear now. Look at these two, for example, they're clearly very much in love, same haircut, similar clothes. Awwww, bless.

They say they don’t mind Muslims in this country, which is big of them, they campaign against the extremists, the terrorists, the ones who want an introduction of Sharia Law into this country, a reversal of the de-christianalisation of this country.

Well, sorry if I’ve missed something, but I’m pretty sure we’ve already got MI5 & MI6 on the case of the terrorists, or am I missing the recent prosecution of English born terrorists plotting to blow up planes with bottles of non-airport purchased Oasis ? And as for Sharia Law, it’s already been discussed and just as quickly completely dismissed. The laws of this land are based on the Government drafting legislation for our elected officials to decide upon, not a thousands of years old redrafted religious manual of any ideology. A quick flick through Facebook reveals that there are several groups pro & anti Sharia Law in the UK, some with as many as 1,400 members. Woooooo. However, to put that in perspective, there are currently a couple of Facebook groups to propose Jeremy Clarkson as the next Prime Minister, and these two groups alone total over NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE.

There are claims of Mosques being built on Christian burial grounds. Are there ? Where ? Name one.

There are examples, however, of other types of buildings right here in Nottingham being built over Christian burial grounds. The Ice Arena, the new PC World near Victoria Centre and Victoria Centre itself. Presumably these morons will be campaigning against the spread of the ‘other’ extremist religion, Capitalism. And overly expensive concert tickets.

We have to put up with Trick or Treat every year, Starbucks on every corner and an over reliance on greedy useless American bankers, both the real and rhyming varieties, yet these morons want to stop people quietly worshipping whoever they want. They could at least do something useful and stop leary teenagers banging on my front door until I have no choice to answer before black-mailing me into handing over cash and / or sweets.

When the IRA waged their own terror on these shores during the seventies, sure there were was an anti-Irish backlash, but you couldn’t tell who was Irish and who wasn’t simply by looking at them. Contrary to popular belief they weren’t all 3 foot tall, they didn’t all smoke a wooden pipe and neither did they all support any terrorist activities.

But these new extremists, well, they’re all brown aren’t they, they stand out more. And in these days of economic depression, what better than marking out someone different to pin the blame to.

And as for dechristianalisation of the country, I’m pretty sure I had Easter off work and I know I’ve got time off at CHRISTmas too.

They came to Nottingham last week. They met up for a pint first, before relieving themselves up the side of Nottingham Castle.

So, just so you understand, they met in a PUB, both men & WOMEN, before being LEGALLY ENTITLED to march through Nottingham, avoiding the CHRISTMAS market to demonstrate about how this country is being converted into a Muslim society !!!!!!!! And they don’t see any irony in that ?!!!!!! F***ing idiots.

I had the misfortune to sit next to one of these white working class ‘I’m not racist, but …’ morons at my kids Christmas play last year. I had to put up with him banging on for the best part of the opening 10 minutes of the production as to how it was a disgrace there wasn’t a nativity play on.

Has no-one realised that Nativity plays are shit. If you’re not going to have a real donkey and Michael Crawford falling from the roof, you can bet it’ll be pants from the off. Guaranteed it’ll have one of the teacher’s children as Mary, Joseph will burst into tears at some point while most of the other ‘actors’ will play parts as diverse as ‘Tree number 3’ or ‘Flock’.

But this particular numpty was having none of it. After ten minutes I’d had enough. It was “Political correctness gone mad”, apparently. “We can celebrate all of the ******* festivals, but not ours” was another phrase, before actually using the phrase “I’m not a racist, but …..” and then proving he was both a complete racist and a f***ing fat bald t**t.

I’d had enough, I turned to him and, without disturbing the continuing performance, calmly but firmly asked him this question:

Which religious book did he think the story of Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat actually came from ?


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