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Friday, March 17, 2006

Reality TV ?

I'm normally at Taekwondo on a Thursday, but last night found myself stuck relaxing in front of the TV.

Two 'reality' shows, one after the other.

7pm, House of Tiny Tearaways, where families with misbehaving kids are taken away from their normal environment, to be told that the reason their kids misbehave is because the parents are too soft / too hard / too stupid. Nothing to do with the poor kids. If the kid doesn't go to sleep until it's in its parents bed every night, you can't blame it for screaming until it gets to go in its parent's bed every night. Der. (Guilty, your honour)

8pm, Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife. Apart from the fact that the program calls Anthea 'The Perfect Homemaker' (ask the original Mrs Bovey for her opinion on that), which century was this program made ? I'm half expecting Harry Enfield's Mr.Grayson to pop up at any minute. Icing cakes ? Go to the shops and buy one, idiot, life's too short. I aim to live until I'm at least 120 years old and I plan to go that whole time without icing one single solitary cake.

Which made the program that came on at 9pm the most realistic of the evening, true to life storylines, believable characters, a veritable historical masterpiece of its time. History teachers in 30 years time will be referring to this as a documentary...

Footballers Wives!


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