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Friday, March 10, 2006

Desert Island Discs

Following a post from an old friend...

In the very short period c2000-2001 when Sony Mini Discs were going to take over the world, I had a disc that I called 'Desert Island Discs', the idea being that if I ever got bored of any of the tracks, they could be deleted without having to re-record the whole thing.

It started, as all good mix 'tapes' should, with a statement - "It's a good thing", That Petrol Emotion, but also included Beastie Boys, Cinerama, the full 10 minute "Never Let Me Down" by Depeche Mode & coincidently, as it also appears on Paulie's list, Dexy's "Plan B".

However, as a boy of the 80's, it had to have a touch of New Romantic excess, Spandau Ballet's "Cut a Long Story Short". Tony Hadley's vocals still on equal footing with the synths & Bass.

I remember skipping over this track while sat listening on a bus back to Arnold, wary of the thoughts of the young girl sat next to me.

But I also remember the self-guilt I felt at not continuing my listening pleasure, fearing the scorn of a complete stranger. Never again, I promised myself, never again.

"Dance as though no-one is watching". A good motto to live life by, especially at 1am in the morning in the Cookie Club!


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