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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How f***ing hard can it be ?

All I want is broadband in my house, that's all, the same as everyone else, nothing special. I don't want a gold plated modem, or Himalayan monks to perform the installation for me, just a plain old broadband connection.

The story so far has gone like this, are you sitting comfortably;

I used Freeserve / Wanadoo for years, without a single problem. I had broadband in my little Scottish village months before me mam was similarly connected in Nottingham, just round the corner from the telephone exchange. Moved house twice since then with minimal fuss, but as soon as Orange take over, without warning, whoosh, no connection. Unhelpful spotty technicians tell me my account hasn't been active since December, and the computer says it can't set up a new account. Great.

Call broadband company 'B'. They tell me that they can't provide my broadband until Orange send a cease notice to BT. I call Orange and they agree to send BT the notice, but it will take two weeks.

Two weeks later, I call Orange and they agree to send BT the notice, but it will take two weeks. This sounds familiar. I contact BT to see if they can do anything, but they can't until Orange send them a cease notice. I have to wait.

Good news! The mark has gone from my phone line to say I have a broadband connection. Surely this means I can set up with a new company.

Computer says no.

Apparently now, there is a mark on my line saying I have 'ordered' a broadband package from a supplier and I need to talk to them. Call broadband company 'B' who helpfully tell me it isn't theirs. Call Orange, not theirs either.

OK, BT own the phone line, I'll ask them. It's not their mark either, and they're not allowed to tell me whose it is.

So now I'm stuck. No internet connection at home for the first time in 10 years, no home banking, no OU access and most importantly, no music downloads.

How hard can it be, FFS?


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