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Monday, January 15, 2007

Forest 1:0 Yeovil

In the car on the way to the game on Saturday, Radio Nottingham's Colin Fray & John McGovern both agreed that it didn't matter how ugly the football was, the most important thing was to win the three points.

And boy was it ugly.

Still employing the simple yet effective 4-4-2 formation (it's the future, why has no-one thought of this before!), Forest again decided to dispense with midfield and hoof aimless balls into the swirling wind at every opportunity. Yeovil, on the other hand, chose to pass the ball on the floor and subsequently enjoyed the vast majority of the possession for the first twenty minutes. Had they opted to pass forwards at any time in that twenty minutes, Forest would have been threatened but sideways never made for any significant chances.

Three minutes into the second half, and a long free-kick into the area was dropped by the Yeovil keeper and Grant "bigger than me" Holt volleyed in from the edge of the box.

One should have been two until Andy D'Urso decided, not for the first time in the match, to pull play back when the advantage was there to be played. In case he's wondering, that's why he's refereeing a third division game and not in the Premiership, the clueless moron.

Back to the top of the table, a better feeling than New Years Day and the promotion push is back on.


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