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Monday, December 18, 2006

Originality vacuum

I'm sure other people have this problem as well. How do you keep your subject matter fresh & original ?

MacG solves this problem by portraiting himself in a different country every other week, while Paulie from NTaH writes posts that are intelecturally way over my head, so making any comparison impossible.

Me, I'm simply going to rehash a post from this time last year. To make it easier to spot the differences, I'll highlight them.

Just call it LuckyCol Gold.


Friday before Christmas and the bookies have closed the book on who will be the Christmas number 1. Leona, winner of the X-Factor 2006, was quoted at odds-on to knock Take That off the number one spot.

I've long campaigned for the removal of these talentless nobodies off British TV, but unfortunately, the growth in TV channels leaves a talent vacuum that must be filled from somewhere, and cheap morons from nowhere are as good an option as any.

I'm not against the principal of TV talent shows, it's a tried and trusted formula and very reminiscent of how the music industry finds talent behind closed doors.

It's just the row after row of lookalikes, wanabees and backing artists all of whom have been doing the rounds for years and it's their lifelong ambition to be a professional singer.

Here's a wake up call for you, if it's so much your ambition and you're sooooooo talented, then surely you would have made it by now.

Or maybe you aren't good enough.

Then there's the Big Brother contestants suddenly being classed as celebrities. As though wanting to be famous, and being prepared to do almost anything to be famous, automatically makes you a celebrity.


Them for doing it, us for still watching them.


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