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Monday, January 29, 2007

Not 'Lion' about

A belated birthday night out in the spiritual home of birthday celebrations, The Lion in Basford, for the third annual "drink the menu" challenge. 10 real ales, none of your gassy mass-produced rubbish, all in one of the best pubs in Nottingham. Music provided by a very acceptable Paul Weller tribute band.

The Bateman's XXXB was the best of the bunch, with the Harviestown Haggis Hunter a disappointment after a good showing at the Aberdeen Beer Festival a couple of years back.

The boxer short story got a good re-telling, complete with extra embellishments, while we also had a demonstration of Woody's psychic powers. It's a shame that the bar-staff's juggling skills didn't match, and all over my new shoes as well. Never mind.

And NET, the tram company in Nottingham, are also looking for the person who put a big dent in one of their tram stops, CCTV footage will be used !!!!!


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