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Friday, November 30, 2007

Interesting question

Teachers today have to keep up to speed with their job. Quite what makes them special in that regard to, say, someone who works in IT or the medical profession for example, heaven only knows, but they think they are, so that's OK then.

To keep up with their knowledge, they have to go on training days. They MUST do this during term time, and DEFINITELY NOT on a day in any one of the 13 (THIRTEEN) weeks holiday they get every year.

Now, there are five working days in a school week, but my six year old asked me the following question regarding these In Service Training (INSET) days.

Why do they always happen on a Friday ?


And, funnily enough, and I'm sure in no way co-incidental at all, why has today's INSET day occured on a Friday, just after pay-day, just in time for some Christmas shopping.


I must be in the wrong job


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