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Monday, December 17, 2007

Rockin' Rudolph

Getting into the Christmas spirit a bit more now. Not through the lack of trying, you understand, but when you're at work, it's hard to get into it until it's right on top of you, and as much as I hate grumpy, miserable Christmas bashers, I hate work's Christmas do's even more, so avoid mine like the plague.

So spare a thought for the Lord Nelson in Old Basford.

A few weeks back, early November to be precise, they installed a couple of blow up Christmas decorations on their flat roof, one ten foot Santa and a ten foot snowman. Classy.

About a week ago and they'd gone.

Someone in a not too Christmassy type mood had decided that they'd look even better on their roof and took it upon themselves to remove said items, severing the electricity cables at the same time. Happy Christmas.

Still, the Nelson are capable of providing that long since forgotten treat to the late night drinker, the lock-in, so the Christmas spirit hasn't deserted them too much.

A fantastic duck green curry in the BPitW before a very cold walk up to the Nelson for a couple, last orders and then more orders. Nice. The Rockin' Rudolph was going down a treat.


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