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Monday, December 10, 2007


I have a problem with a set of adverts that are on at the moment.

Belong. You know who your friends are.

The premise being that a group of people in extreme circumstances (about to make contact with aliens / about to do a Captain Oates near the South Pole) suddenly decide to act like a group of beer-boys on a night out in Magaluf.

Can't get in to meet the alien because one of the group's got trainers on ? No worries, they'll go somewhere else, the alien was probably crap & full of slappers anyway.

Captain Oates going out on his birthday on his own ? Not a chance, if one of them is going out in bad weather, they all are. Even if it kills them.

And the reason they behave like this ?

Carling. Or Belong written in a Carling font.

The message is if you drink the same fizzy, tasteless p**s as your mates, then you Belong. If you don't drink the same gassy, foul drain water as your mates, then they'll leave you outside the slapper-filled alien night-club, or they'll let you take the long walk on your own.

You know what to do.

Buy Carling.


To be honest, if your stupid enough to drink something, ANYTHING, simply because all your mates do, you're a f***ing stupid muppet who fully deserves to get a stomach full of s***e, belching your way round Little Britain resorts of a summer, getting into fights with your own shadow and falling over cracking your head open before waking up in a pool of your own sick nursing a headache only fizzy, tasteless, gassy, foul, drain-water p**s can give you.

Your probably the sort of stupid person who would jump off a roof just because everyone else did.

Can't Carling put that in their next advert ?


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