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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Forest 2:1 The referee

After a heavy session celebrating the new year, getting up on New Year's day was always going to be a struggle. And so it transpired. Boo.

But that didn't last long, a fantastic hang-over busting fry-up (I'll leave the dieting for later) and the chance to watch Forest for free sets up the new year to be a good one. Hooray.

The beer wasn't flowing very well in the Boat Club before the game, however, and I wasn't alone. The non-existent queue for the beer at half-time in the Trent End testament to the average excesses of most of the regular customers.

And the game couldn't have got off to a slower start, either. I could have kept up with most of them, Huddersfield defending their point from the off. It was going to be along afternoon.

And it was about to get longer.

Kelvin Wilson in a race back to goal with a quick Huddersfield player, heads the ball into Smith's arms and all three collide in a heap. The referee, for reasons none of the 18,000 Forest fans could even begin to imagine, awards a penalty and shows Kelvin Wilson a red card. What for, only he knows. One nil down, one man short and a Huddersfield team sitting eleven men behind the ball at all times. Marvellous.

Calderwood gets it right at half time, if you've got a man short, you can't have the immobile Neil Lennon playing as well, but he'd got it wrong with his team selection in the first place. Why have Grant Holt on the left wing, lazy-a**e right-leg-is-for-standing-on-only Commons prancing around the right wing and two decent midfielders on the bench ?

In the second 45, Huddersfield ditched their eleven men behind the ball tactics and went more defensive (!) while Forest huffed and the puffed but they still couldn't blow their way through.

Until one of the two afore mentioned midfielders came on and grabbed a deflected equaliser.

A point in these circumstances would have been a good one, but with Swansea dropping points, Leeds losing, Orient dropping points, a win would have been nice. Cue Lewis 'surely can't be at Forest for much longer' McGugan, a twist in the six yard box, into the top of the net, thank you and good night. And all in the four minutes of injury time Huddersfield created for themselves with their time-wasting tomfoolery during the second half.

If you don't turn up looking for all three points, don't be disappointed when you leave with nothing.

Will the referee reverse his red card decision ? I doubt it, but at least we haven't lost ground because of it.

The inept fud.


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