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Monday, June 02, 2008

Commons a "coup" for Derby. Surely a spelling mistake there.

So, Kris Commons has now officially signed his contract / life away with the flock bothering neanderthals down the A52. Delayed only because Pukka Pies were making sure they could get their delivery wagons to Pride Park on time.

Apparently he's the first player to move from Forest to Derby since Gary Charles in 1993, and we all know what a huge success that was for the player concerned!!

Seriously, I think the bloke's made a mistake leaving Forest at this time, for what is clearly more about money than any desire to play football at a higher level. He's overweight (pot, kettle, black, sorry), injury prone, lazy and only turns it on when he feels like it. When he does deem it a special day for his obvious talent, he is a class player, but those occasions are all too few & far between.

I don't expect players in this day and age to be loyal to my club, it's all about the money for most of them, but at least go somewhere on the up, a league above, not just down the road so you can still live near your mum & her home cooking.

One thing's for sure, though, unlike me he must like the night-life in Derby.

Coz he's had his last night out in Nottingham, that's for sure.


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