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Friday, October 24, 2008

Forest nil 1:1 Ipswich

The game last Tuesday night was there for the taking, 1 up at half time, 2 disallowed, we should have been going into the second half with all guns blazing.

No complaints from me about the ref, as clear a penalty as you're ever likely to see, but he got no help from the Trent End linesman, who seemed to think he was watching WWE, two holds and a submission being perfectly legal tactics.

For me, there were four fundamental and, quite frankly, amateur managerial mistakes on the night:

1 - Unless Smith has been given some time off, or doesn't fancy a stint on the bench, why wasn't there a substitute goalkeeper ? The injury that did for Bennett was caused by a collision with Camp, so could quite easily have been reversed, leaving us with no goalkeeper. This is a warning for Calderwoodout, will he head it ? Will he b.........

2 - Again, team selection. It's a bit of a risk picking one player who you know isn't going to make the 90 minutes, but two ? Anderson couldn't move for the last ten minutes of the game, while Cole couldn't move for the first 60.

3 - With Bennett struggling, it's quite right to take him off. But two minutes into first half injury time ? Leave it until half time and make the change then, that way the opposition don't have 15 minutes in a warm room to deal with any differing tactics. David Pratt used to do that a lot, and we all know he was an idiot.

4 - Changing to 4-5-1 in a must win game at home is just mind boggling. Clearly at that stage of the game he'd settled for a point, so he's probably well chuffed. The lack of forward options in the last ten minutes was frightening, predictably leading to the ball being given away far too often creating chances for Ipswich.

Basic schoolboy amateur errors.


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