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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twenty dollars in the car, or fifty back at your hotel. You decide.

From the BBC:

Watching romantic comedies can spoil your love life, a study by a university in Edinburgh has claimed.

Rom-coms have been blamed by relationship experts at Heriot Watt University for promoting unrealistic expectations when it comes to love.

They found fans of films such as Runaway Bride and Notting Hill often fail to communicate with their partner.

Many held the view if someone is meant to be with you, then they should know what you want without you telling them.

An interesting point, but it’s a similar analogy as saying “If you stick your hand in a fire, you’ll get hurt” on the basis that if your dumb enough to stick your hand in a fire, sooner or later you’re inevitably going to come to some harm anyway.

So it follows that if your intellectually challenged enough to think that Hugh ‘twenty dollars to do it in the car’ Grant epitomizes love (actually) then you can bet your life that, as inevitably, you’re going to be severely disappointed.


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