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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It amazes me .....

..... how many thick racist retards there are in this country.

Sure, stop what is (still, for the time being) a national right to be able to send mail around the country & abroad to those people who, for whatever reasons, don't have a suitable grasp of the English language. (Post office boss bans customers with poor English. From the Evening Post)

Some people have difficulties with foreign languages, I know I do, never was my forté. And that's ignoring those with speech problems leading to mail sometimes being more a necesity than usual.

What next ? Ban people who can't understand the complex forms you sometimes get at Post Offices ? Short people who can't reach items above head-height ?

In times of economic hardship, it's always the minorites that get it in the neck first.

We've already seen examples of nationalism under a socialist banner here and here.

This country is slowly slipping into the depression seen in the mid seventies.

But there's worrying overtones of thirties Germany in there as well.


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