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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Do nothing - Simon Amstell - Nottingham Playhouse 31 October 2009

I've had these tickets for months, and then got worried when I found out he'd played on the Friday night fearing I'd missed the show. D'oh.

Simon Amstell has packed up hosting 'Buzzcocks off the tele to concentrate on his stand-up, and a good choice it was too. Far too often he'd rip his TV show guests to shreds in a somewhat predictable way, but his own show was pure self examination, laying out his vulnerabilities for all to see.

The act was good, but suffered from being over-scripted and rushed into. Knowing how modern comedians hone their act into a scripted show for touring leads to a show that is clearly repetitive. Give me more audience interaction, more off-the-cuff remarks, more enjoyment from the performer.

Still, he's got the balls to stand up and do that and I simply don't have that number of balls any more.

He'll have made a fortune on ticket sales, but made back even more through not having to go see his psychiatrist any time soon.


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