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Monday, October 19, 2009

Forest 1:0 Fat Pitch Invading Band Wagon Jumping Cry on the Tele Babies

A different perspective on Saturday night, owing to having something special happening on Sunday (more later) I swapped my usual Upper Trent End hard plastic seat for a lower Basford Terrace soft upholstered settee. I’m sure the atmosphere wasn’t as good, but the view on SKY was fantastic !!

The first half performance was superb, as good as it gets really. Moussi in midfield was the Guy we all raved over at the start of last season, in your face, hard as nails and breaking down the Geordie midfield. Dexter Blackstock up front could have already had a couple before rolling the ball into an empty net just before half time.

Cue the change in tempo from Newcastle, now defending further up the pitch, cancelling our extra man in midfield. They still couldn’t create anything, and when they did, the linesman’s flag came to the rescue.

Overall a good performance, certainly the first 45 minutes attacking wise. Our defence has oft been criticised for being the weak link, but only conceding one goal in the last 400 odd minutes of football speaks volumes. When that area of our game is improved, well, then we WILL start to show people what we’re all about.

Barnsley on Tuesday night, another chance to have 500 teenagers shout ‘scab’ at a very limited number of ex-working-though-the-strike-miner Forest fans who clearly didn’t give a s**t 25 years ago, let alone now. We saw after the fantastic performance against WBA the hang-over that prevailed at home to Watford. Hopefully Billy will have sorted that little head-ache out by now.

Slightly disappointed with the Newcastle fans on Saturday. Sure they turned up in numbers, and vocally supported their team, but did they do enough ? Was there any more they could have done ? Losing, against Forest, clearly not much chance of getting back into it. Surely they could have invaded the pitch or something ???!!!

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