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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybe this will come in handy on Saturday

After last nights brushing aside of a frankly poor Queens Park Rangers team, we're left hurtling towards a pile of rabble at the wrong end of Brian Clough Way.

Pre-match talk of potential banana skins and a knowledge that our unbeaten run HAS to come to end at some point were replaced at half time by trying to work out what would happen to the scoreboard if we went into double figures.

Personally, I’m happy with just the '5'. If we’d have got '6' and gone top, then Newcastle would have been trying just that little bit harder tonight to regain the peak. As it is, they’ll just treat it like any other game and hopefully the Palace players will be playing above themselves as they all look for a way out of Selhurst Park. And besides, we probably only scored '5' simply because we know we can, our run is THAT scary !!!

Derby on Saturday lunch-time. Now THERE’S a potential banana skin.

Either that, or we’ll need to borrow one of these for the day.


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