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Monday, March 06, 2006

Friday March 3 - Old Basford

Started off with a few pints in the best pub in the world, the Fox & Crown. Quite busy, even busier than New Year's Eve. Why is it the best pub in the world ? Any pub that you can walk to, has friendly staff and brews its own (very good) beer is bound to be up there. Any pub that then opens up its own Real Ale shop next door, wins the prize.

A short trip to the White Swan. They usually have a decent guest beer on, but the one on Friday was awful. Double Barrel. Never heard of it before, and won't be having it again.

A brisk, cold walk to the Nelson for the worst karaokee in the world. Couple of lads arguing at the bar, looking like they're going to kick off. 5 minutes later and they're hugging like long lost brothers.

Onto the Horse & Jockey, into the back room for more karaokee, but livened up by the site of a gang of chavs & chavettes fighting amongst themselves, completely ignoring the baby in the pram at their table. Nice.


  • Under rated boozer the Horse and Jockey.
    If you can live with the Chav element it has good Ale, part of a local brewery and reasonably priced.
    Also I think the landlady is the daughter of one of Forest's best ever managers - Johnny Carey - look out for the photo behind the bar.

    By Blogger Mac, at 12:31 PM  

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