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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another week, another racist Tory

This time caught forwarding a racist e-mail which, contrary to Mrs Bland's opinion, most people WOULDN'T consider to be light hearted, unless they too considered the atrocities in Germany in the 40's, the genocides in the old Yugoslavia in the 90's and the gassing of Kurds in Iraq as being "a bit of a laugh".

She quotes fellow in-bred scum Ron Atkinson with his quote: "I am not a racist".

By claiming it was actually her husband who forwarded the mail (despite the fact that she wrote her own name at the bottom, idiot) and also trying to justify the message contained in the mail, I would say it's safe to say she is not a racist.

She is, in fact, a thick spineless racist.

No, sorry, a thick spineless UNEMPLOYED racist.


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