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Monday, January 07, 2008

Head bowed

I've said it before, I'll say it now and I'm pretty sure I'll say it again, you won't find a better Forest site than Stress & Pie. There's a link on the right hand side of this page to see why.

Their report of the Huddersfield game, the shockingly poor refereeing, the cheating Huddersfield players and the fantastic fight-back are all covered, but in their own individual style.

One section fully sums up what it is to be a Forest fan, no, a football fan in general, far better than I ever could. I'll reproduce that section here. Go to their site to read the rest, but be quick, it will be gone after the next game.

When I read this, I bow my head in acknowledgement .....

LAW NUMBER THREE You have to be there

The ref may be diabolical, the opposition primeval, the players as confused as their manager, but every so often you are part of an experience that blows away all the doubts and leaves you breathless. There came a moment in this match when the players and the crowd forged a common will, when the whole place came alive with a fierce determination to put things right, to win. Most of this experience will always be a blur, but you do remember it in moments. The absolute shock when the penalty was awarded. Watching Wilson troop dejectedly down the tunnel. The torrent of deserved abuse directed at the referee. A miserable half-time when some bloke tried to hit a plastic bottle with a football. The heart-in-mouth stuff as their forwards had shots at goal, and that odd conviction that they wouldn't score again. The growing tension as we began to dominate possession with ten men. The screams of encouragement and frustration. Commons tackling their prime diver with such ferocity that he limped off. People standing. Cohen coming on, looking awkward and leggy until he found himself in a shooting position. You can hear the thud of his boot on the ball and the smack as it deflects off a defender. The ball looping over their goalkeeper and hitting the net. McGoogle, pissing around again on the edge of their area before rolling the defender and blasting it home. That moment when you can't quite believe it's gone in, when you look at the referee, when you think the players are celebrating prematurely, and then the huge noise around you which goes on for ages ... the last two minutes, whistling for the end of the game. Agogo collapsing. The Uddersfield players sinking to their knees. The singing as you leave the ground. The news that Leed have lost. Days like this are treasures.


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