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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Putting the world to rights

A couple of pints of Magpie Gold at the Lion followed by a few Belvoir Star's at the Horse & Groom, and what had we decided by the end ?

That Leeds United shouldn't get any of their points back. In fact they should be kicked out of the league and all the points wiped out of this season's league table because firstly, who'd miss Leeds any way, but mainly, because Forest have only got the one point off them.

And secondly, money is ruining football and it would be far better watching the likes of Larry Lloyd & Kenny Burns kicking Ronaldo to pieces on a Saturday afternoon on a quagmire, than it is watching fancy dans tripping over their own hair styles and getting injured on £120,000 a week.

Isn't beer a wonderful thing ?

Horse & Groom picture courtesy of Flickr


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