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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forest 3:2 Mardy Children

Good atmosphere at kick-off, and an even better atmosphere 50 seconds in as Majewski screamed one in from 30 yards.

Kris Commons contributed in his City Ground return, but unfortunately for him, only for the team in red. His crude tackle leading to the second goal and then giving the ball away cheaply & then not following back leading to the third meant that the decision to substitute him at half time was more in their favour than ours.

3-0 up at half time, surely even Forest couldn't mess that up.

Could they ?

Well, this is Forest so of course they could.

Derby clearly weren't going to create anything themselves so we gifted them two goals, while at the same time forgetting how to attack. Billy Davies got the crowd going with ten minutes to go, with an almost instant positive reply, while the referee managed to find ten, TEN, minutes of injury time. We hung on for the three points, but that is only the start of the real story.

Nathan Tyson runs over to pick up a corner flag from one of the ball boys and waves it in front of a raucous A-Block. He then cemented himself in Forest legend status by proceeding to wave said corner flag in front of the sheep fans.


Doesn't go down too well with a couple of the Derby players who then start what will eventually be called a 'brawl' which both teams didn't control their players sufficiently.

Lily Savage then auditions for his future career in ironic comedy by suggesting Tyson should "have a look at himself", comparing his actions to those at West Ham earlier in the week.

Well, Miss Savage, he didn't wait outside the local tube station with 300 of his mates chucking bricks at you, did he ? No, he celebrated the victory, albeit naively, which you bunch of mardy tossers objected to.

Remember, Savage, it was you that waved your free Derby scarf in front of the same A-Block less than 6 months ago, and you that waggled your fat arse in front of the same A-Block as part of your, ahem, warm-up (above video 1:50 in). Seems you can give it out but not take it, eh ? Don't forget that it was you that threw yourself to the ground as if you'd been shot after being tickled by Gareth McCleary in a clear attempt to get a player sent off. I didn't think it was possible, but I've got less respect for Savage now than before yesterday, and yesterday I thought he was a talentless turd picked for his antics that hide a clear lack of ability.

As for Natahn Tyson, he might get a fine and / or a ban, but on the positive side, he'll never have to buy a drink in town again.

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