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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forest 0:1 Blackpool

Don’t be under any illusions about this game from either the statistics or the managers’ comments after the game. We were s**t and we’d still be one nill down if we were still playing now.

Our formation varied wildly throughout the game, from 4-5-1 to 4-3-1 all the way down to 4-0-1. Our players couldn’t pass the ball two yards to a red shirt and again we’d got players out of position. In short, it’s a Bobby Ewing moment, we’ve woken up, it’s last season again and Calderwoodout is still in charge.

Rob Earnshaw is so low in confidence at the moment that if you measured him with a tape measure you’d get a minus reading. David McGoldrick went missing from minute one. Guy Moussi has lost any ability to play football and has found the ability to tackle his own players, in short not a useful trait. We’d clearly been training on getting down the flanks and putting crosses over. But what’s the point when you’ve got a -4’5” striker in the middle spending all afternoon cushioning the ball back to the keeper.

Their goal was so predictable, Des Coleman described it on Midlands today three weeks ago. Charlie Adam picks the ball up in his own half, dribbles past four, FOUR, Forest defenders before stroking it in past a bemused Lee Camp. I wouldn’t mind if any of the four had put in a sodding tackle, but it looked like three of them gave Mr Adam directions while Luke Chambers offered to carry his shopping. Charlie Adam is so not Maradonna.

So, where do we go from here ?

You could say it was a one off, one of those things, evens itself out over the season. Well, we’re already onto our THIRD home defeat of the season and we haven’t hit the end of September yet. And the only team we’ve beaten so far are a relegation bound Derby side. And they nearly pulled back a three goal deficit. It’s all well and good having two players for every position, but if you play well and you’ve got a settled side then don’t change it. If you’ve got the shirt, you’ve got to keep hold of it, if you haven’t, you’ve got to earn it back. If there’s one thing I know from watching Forest over the last few seasons, it’s this:

Tinkering with formations, players out of positions, too much long ball simply DOESN’T F***ING WORK.

Sort it out Davies, you won’t have long before the boo boys are on your back.

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