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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Forest nil 0:1 Blackburn

Unfortunately I can still see the line from my Blackpool review now:

... we’d still be one nill down if we were still playing now.

And so it continued, all bluster with no end product. Chance after chance went uncreated, half chances were turned into goal kicks and even the gift of quite possibly the softest penalty ever wasn't translated into a goal.

Sure, someone's going to kop for a right hammering sooner or later, but it'll be more down to their bad luck than our team selection or tactics.

Bad luck seems to be a running theme in Jimmy Krankie's increasingly deluded post-match interviews. After last night he said; "I am not downbeat, because I genuine feel this side is playing good football, creating many chances, showing excellent bits of possession but not getting the chances they deserve and for whatever reason not getting the breaks. And that is not an excuse but an absolute fact."

Well I've always believed you make your own luck, and I think it was Gary Player that used to say; "The more I practice, the luckier I get".

So sort it out Billy, before it's too late.

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