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Friday, January 11, 2008

Something for the weekend - Firsts

There was a discussion over the Christmas break on BBC 6 Music as to what was the first record you ever bought.

And also over the same period, I stood with a tear in one eye as my 10 year old went to the counter of Fopp to purchase his first slice of music.

Not a tear of fatherly pride, more of pity, since it was a 'My Chemical Romance' CD. Have I taught him nothing ?

Anyway, seeing as it's the weekend I'll use the magic of YouTube to answer 6 Music's question.

Enjoy .....

First single - The Specials (Gangsters) b/w The Selecter (The Selecter). I had to explain to my son what this meant. "What's a single, dad ?"

Album - Yazoo (Upstairs at Erics)

Concert - The Damned (Rock City '86)


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