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Friday, December 23, 2005

X Factor

Friday before Christmas and the bookies have closed the book on who will be the Christmas number 1. Shayne Ward, winner of the X-Factor 2005, was last quoted at 100/1 ON to knock Nizlopi off the number one spot.

I've long campaigned for the removal of these talentless nobodies off British TV, but unfortunately, the growth in TV channels leaves a talent vacuum that must be filled from somewhere, and cheap numpties from nowhere are as good an option as any.

I'm not against the principal of TV talent shows, it's a tried and trusted formula and very reminiscent of how the music industry finds talent behind closed doors.

It's just the row after row of lookalikes, wanabees and backing artists all of whom have been doing the rounds for years and it's their lifelong ambition to be a professional singer.

Here's a wake up call for you, if it's so much your ambition and you're sooooooo talented, then surely you would have made it by now.

Or maybe you aren't good enough.

Then there's the Big Brother contestants suddenly being classed as celebrities. As though wanting to be famous, and being prepared to do almost anything to be famous, automatically makes you a celebrity. Idiots. Them for doing it, us for watching them.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Taekwondo - First grading

I've been attending Taekwondo since August 05, mainly to get fit & to do something regularly with my eldest son.

The club I attend has two classes, one at 6pm, the other following at 7:15. The classes are split by ability, so beginners first. However, being a 6'5" 36 year old, I tend to stand out in a class full of kids, all younger than 15.

When I started, I just didn't want to get in the way, and as time has gone on, I've developed the utmost respect for my fellow trainees. The class is quite strict, and the instruction is all about learning by example.

Monday 12 December was my first grading as a white belt, and for the first time in donkeys years, I'm stood in a room full of adults being watched while being marked on my ability.

It didn't help that the instructor pointed out to the assembled audience that it took guts as an adult to stand up with the youngsters. I was kind of hoping to get on the floor, do what I needed to do, and move off again. Nervous doesn't quite cover it. At one point, I was shaking like a leaf.

My son & I both passed so we are now white belts, yellow tags.

We both need to go more often in the new year, it's only with continuous practice that it becomes natural.

One down-side, the tags have to be sewn on to your belts, something else I haven't done in years !!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Gary Megson - In or Out

We can't say we weren't warned.

When Gary Megson first came to the club, Brian Clough famously said he "... couldn't trap a bag of sand.". I saw him play for Forest in a friendly against New Zealand, and poor didn't quite sum up his performance.

Fast forward 20 years and Gary Megson once again arrives at the City Ground to find a Forest track-suit imprinted with his initials. No Brian Clough to pass judgement any more, just dozens of West Brom fans falling over themselves with the same message:

He'll get you results, but it won't be pretty.

There are two school of thoughts among Forest fans, those that want results regardless of the style of football (who would have loved Dave Bassett's time in charge) and those who would like to see Forest safe from relegation playing nice passing triangles, Paul Hart but with goals.

Unfortunately, too many times this season, Forest have played badly and lost.

I still think Megson is a good manager, and the problems with the players at the club remain obvious but well hidden. However, if we aren't pushing for promotion soon, the anti-Megson brigade will gain momentum forcing the man out.

I hope not, for now.

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