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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spanish Civil War British Battalion Banner

Banner of the British Battalion, The International Brigade, Spanish Civil War 1936-39 Spanish Civil War British Battalion Banner

70 years ago in 1937 the British Battalion of the International Brigade fought in its first battle at Jarama against Franco's fascists. This superb anniversary T-shirt is based on the Battalion's banner from the period which was carried to Brunete, Ebro and elsewhere. Volunteers from Britain totalled 2,300, of whom 525 died in Spain.

Buy it from Philosophy Football.

Mine's in the post.


When I was a kid, and I suspect the same is true for a lot of people my age from Nottingham, Sunday mornings meant Radio Nottingham and Dennis McCarthy. Tara, the worlds youngest DJ, people on the phone trying to give away 2 tonnes of hard-core (this was the pre-internet 70's building rubble version of hard-core) and a competition where you could win a £10 shopping voucher for Arnold Market.

In our house, Dennis McCarthy was always followed by music on the stereo, more often than not, the mutual artist of choice from my parents was Johnny Cash.

Re-released is the legendary San Quentin concert, on CD with added DVD extras. Listening to this took me right back to a time when Life On Mars would have been considered a documentary.

Happy days.


It's a shame the animal isn't a shark, otherwise this would have been on Channel 5 months ago.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My modelling career gets off to an inauspicious start .....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It can only mean one thing

The early start (there's a 4:30 in the morning as well ?), the cramped train journey, the horrible smell, the crowded public transport, the rude people, the dirt under my finger-nails when I got home, £2.80 for a pint of something flat that tasted like the dregs of what comes out of the pot washer.

It can only mean one thing.

A fantastic day out in London.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Any good ?

You decide .....

Just in time

You can't buy my favourite tea, Nambarrie, in Nottingham, so like some over-pampered pop-star, I get it imported from Northern Ireland.

I ordered my last batch before Christmas, and it's only taken two months and twelve contact e-mails to get it delivered.

I'd have been quicker going over to Ireland and buying it there.

Let's face it, I'd have been quicker flying to India and picking it myself.

Conspiracy Theories

I'm 6 years too young to remember where I was when JFK was shot, but I know where I was when I heard Elvis had died and again when Princess Diana's accident was announced on the TV. Similarly, I clearly remember 9/11, my dad ringing me to tell me about the first plane only to watch the second plane hit live on worldwide television. I had a meeting that same afternoon with about 8 or 9 of my American colleagues which also involved a conference call to the US. To say that the meeting was quiet is a bit of an understatement.

The US reacted as though attacked and lashed out at their self-accused axis of evil. The whole world is still involved in this retaliation.

But like JFK, who was shot by at least 30 different people; Elvis, who's not only still alive but has also invented human cloning and Princess Diana, murdered by her own family, conspiracy theories surround 9/11 like a cloud of, well, evil.

The BBC2 program '9/11: The Conspiracy Files' last night set out to disprove the main source of these conspiracies, unverified stories spreading virally across the internet. The Twin Towers, along with a local command building, were demolished not by the planes, but by controlled explosions. The Pentagon wasn't hit by a hijacked plane at all, but instead by a pilot-less drone, the passengers being abducted by the government, location unknown. US93 wasn't brought down by the passengers, but instead by the US Air Force.

All of these theories were systematically debunked by interviews with the people involved, innocent Americans caught up in fantasy stories fed by disaffected teenagers, talk-show hosts & academics up & down the country.

It's a lot easier to accept that a clever government was to blame for attacking their own country in order to create a war for national interest, rather than accept that a plan drawn up by a lunatic in a cave in Afghanistan could kill so many people in one of the strongest countries in the world.

What's harder for the American people to accept is that the US Intelligence organisations knew known terrorists had entered the country, had started flying lessons and knew an attack was imminent, and did nothing about it, an explanation so obvious that any further investigation is unnecessary.

With all the different theories knocking about, any lies told by the Intelligence community to cover their own backs will be lost.

If George Bush were to be taken ill today, had a last rites religious conversion and decided to confess all on his death-bed, the chances are that most of the conspiracy theorists still wouldn't believe his story.

But, the one thing that campaigners, internet geeks & radio DJ's have shown, is that it IS ok to stand up to the government and ask difficult questions, without having to have an accusatory anti-patriotic finger pointed in your direction.


I like wooden floors. Original oak floorboards sanded & varnished back to their former glory, or even a bit of cheap laminate flooring looks good to me.

But my mind has been changed by the latest Budweiser advert. The main character has had rubber floors installed so he can bounce his bottles of Bud to his friends straight from the fridge, without them breaking.


In case you're wondering, I don't work for Budweiser, so in the name of fairness I think it's only fair that I point out that Budweiser is, in fact, chemically concocted, head-ache inducing pish, and I'd rather go outside and lick the road clean than drink it.

Still, good advert.

And while I'm on the subject, if someone DID create the "best nightclub in the world", you can bet your life they wouldn't serve Carlsberg. Would kind of spoil things.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A true Nottingham legend ....

.... is back.

Why can't we just get off his back ?

NOT an upper class, Eton educated, ride a bike to work in front of his chauffeur driven car, former dope-headHe's one of us, one of the common people, working class through & through, you've got an issue, he'll back you up, no band-wagon too shoddy to jump.

He's definitely NOT an upper class, Eton educated, ride a bike to work in front of his chauffeur driven car, former dope-head.

Oh no.

Build 'em up, knock 'em down

Earlier this winter, we had the worst cricket team in the history of the world.

Now, suddenly, we have a team capable of winning the World Cup.

As soon as they get beat, the press'll be slagging them off again.

The only thing in our favour is the lack of penalty shoot-outs.

Won't be fooled again

So, the US produce proof that Iran are supplying weapons used against Allied troops in Iraq. It's a shame they couldn't be so accomodating in providing proof of American weapons used to kill British troops in Iraq.

But what kind of proof is this:

a) "Proper, bona fide, hard physical evidence" proof, or

b) "Do you reckon we can sucker the American people in believing more bull-s**t so we can invade another country without a good reason" proof ?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Smiling in the Street

You know something's going to be good when you hear the first 5 seconds on your MP3 player, and a huge grin appears across your face .....